Parole and Probation Resources

Parole and Probation Resources

Prison Locations and Parole Resources

Every year some 200,000 people are incarcerated in Texas prisons and jails; more than any other state in the U.S. At The Marshall Law Firm, we remember that every one of those 200,000 people has family members who care about them.  We care, too. We’re happy to explain the parole process and actions you can take to help your loved one secure parole.

At The Marshall Law Firm, we encourage our client families to get support from the many thousands of families in a similar situation to yours. Check out the website of the Texas Inmate Family Association. TIFA provides support, education and advocacy, parole workshops and online resources for members.

We also encourage client families to review the booklet provided by the Texas Department of Justice on Pardons and Paroles so they understand the legal process and the roles various people play in parole hearings. Find it here.

Texas Parole Hearings

Texas Correctional Facilities

The following is a list of all Texas prisons, jails, correctional medical facilities, and parole and pre-parole facilities. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are privately owned and operated.

Parole Confinement Facilities

Pre-Parole Transfer Facility

Pre-Release Facility

Geriatric Facility

Substance Abuse Facilities

Medical Facilities in the Texas Correctional System

Correctional Facilities for Men


State Jails

Work Program Facilities

Correctional Facilities for Women


State Jails

Substance Abuse Facility

Medical Facility

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