Parole Revocation Review

Parole Revocation Review

Parole Revocation Review in Texas

Texas Parole Revocation Defense Lawyer

As a law firm handling parole and probation revocation cases in Texas, if we were asked to offer advice to a person on parole our advice would be this:

  • Do not take a violation of parole lightly.
  • Do not sign any paperwork acknowledging a violation of parole without talking to a parole attorney.
  • Do not waive your right to a hearing if you have been accused of violating parole. You could wind up back in prison.

Understand Your Rights

When you were in prison, you had no liberties and few rights. Now that you are out of prison, you have a Constitutional right to due process. Don’t give that right away! If you’ve been accused of a parole violation, call a Texas parole revocation defense lawyer before things go too far.

Call Trent Marshall at The Marshall Law Firm in Fort Worth: 817-435-4795. Mr. Marshall served as a commissioner for The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. He brings a depth of first-hand knowledge of the decision making process that can make a real difference in your case.

When Things Go Wrong

A lot of ex-offenders can get tripped up simply by the conditions of their parole. Things happen: you miss an appointment and that can be enough to get you in trouble. Other parole conditions that can become a problem include:

  • Mandatory drug or alcohol testing (urine tests)
  • Mandatory attendance at AA meetings or therapy several times a week
  • Driving a car or operating a motor vehicle without a breathalyzer
  • Seeing certain people or being in certain places (for example, within 500 feet of a school)
  • Entering certain counties
  • Failing to return to the halfway house for a period of time
  • Failing to attend your work program or re-entry program
  • Violating curfew
  • Failing to attend anger management classes

If your parole officer thinks you violated a condition of your parole, a “blue warrant” may be issued for your arrest. If that happens, you will be taken to county jail and asked to decide whether you want to waive your rights or if you want a parole revocation hearing. Remember, once you have a parole violation on your record it will be much harder to get parole the next time you are eligible, so don’t go down without a fight.

Your freedom is at stake. Before you waive any rights, contact Trent Marshall.

We May Be Able to Set It Right

You’re in a difficult situation now, but before you give up and accept the consequences, give The Marshall Law Firm a call. See if there’s something we can do.

  • Did you actually violate probation or was it simply a mistake by the parole officer?
  • Have you been the model of compliance up until now and just made one slip?
  • Was one of the conditions of your parole impossible to keep for some reason?
  • Did the parole officer have a problem with you, riding you hard no matter what you did? (See Other Parole/Probation Services.)

Mr. Marshall may be able to intervene with your parole officer on your behalf. If it’s already out of the P.O.’s hands and you’re headed for a revocation hearing, he can represent you at that hearing before the hearing officer.

You have a right to a hearing; use that right to fight for your freedom. Call The Marshall Law Firm: 817-435-4795. Talk to Texas parole revocation lawyer Trent Marshall in a free initial consultation.

(See also the materials provided on the Parole & Probation Resources page.)

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