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Parole Representation

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Parole is an early release from prison. Most (but not all) Texas inmates will be eligible for parole, but not everyone will be granted parole. That decision will be made by board members and commissioners from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. There are benefits to having parole representation.

There’s a big difference between real life and the movies, especially when it comes to parole hearings in Texas. If your loved one could be coming up for parole soon, learn how working with a Texas parole representation attorney can make a difference in his/her case. Texas parole lawyer Trent Marshall can separate fact from fiction when it comes to getting parole for prisoners in the Texas prison system.

As a former commissioner for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, Mr. Marshall has reviewed thousands of parole cases and parole revocation cases. Few criminal defense attorneys work as parole representatives during parole hearing cases fewer still have the depth of first-hand knowledge and insight into the decision making process that Mr. Marshall possesses as a parole representative.

Get the legal help your loved one will need in his/her pursuit of parole. Contact Trent Marshall at The Marshall Law Firm in Fort Worth: 817-435-4795.

A Few Things to Know About Texas Parole Hearings

  • An inmate does not have a right to appear before his or her voting panel during the parole review. In fact, most will never personally see a Board Member or Commissioner unless they have been incarcerated for twenty years or more.
  • When the Parole Board votes it is not necessarily a simple Approve or Deny vote. There could be up to 11 variations and many mandatory conditions, including life skills testing, educational programs, sex offender programs, drug and alcohol addiction programs, or therapy.
  • The Parole Board must provide notification of its decision but it can use generic, boilerplate language to deny parole. It doesn’t have to explain its decision in detail.
  • If your loved one previously failed parole or probation, that failure could impact the Board’s decision. It will be particularly important to get legal help.
  • If your loved one is denied parole, his/her case may be heard again within 1 year, 3 years or 5 years, depending on the crime for which he/she were convicted.

Learn more by reviewing the parole FAQs provided on this site.

How a Parole Attorney Can Help With a Texas Parole Review

Parole Board Members and commissioners make thousands of decisions every year, based on written information in a file. That file is basically a snapshot of a bad decision or a rough patch in someone’s life. It’s not an accurate reflection of a whole person. There is always another story to tell. That’s what Mr. Marshall will provide to the Parole Board.

He will meet with your loved one in person. He will ask about actions that led to the conviction, things that happened in the person’s life that contributed to the situation at the time of the crime, who they have become during their time of incarceration, and what they see for their future. Mr. Marshall will meet with family members and friends to understand the community your loved one will be coming back to upon release. That can make a difference.

He will carefully review the conditions being imposed during parole supervision. Sometimes he finds that drug-related restrictions are being proposed for a person who was not convicted of a drug offense, or sex-crime restrictions for a person who didn’t commit a sex crime (Coleman hearing). Such restrictions can make life unnecessarily difficult.

Give your loved one the best chance for a positive outcome at the Texas prison parole board hearing. Talk to parole representation lawyer Trent Marshall in a free initial consultation. Call 817-435-4795.

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